About Us

The Catbird Seat is a small business incubator located in downtown Oklahoma City at the University of Central Oklahoma’s Santa Fe Plaza location. By joining our business incubation program, you’ll have access to office space with break and conference room usage, but being in the Catbird Seat is so much more…. you’re part of a supported team with consulting services through UCO Customized Education, training opportunities, resources, and tax advantages.

Our History

The Catbird Seat is a certified business incubator in Oklahoma. It began as a partnership between the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) and the Small Business Development Center. After years of proven success helping Oklahoma businesses launch and grow, The Catbird Seat is now affiliated exclusively with the University’s Customized Education department.

Why the name?

“The catbird seat” is a phrase used to describe an enviable position, often in terms of having the upper hand or greater advantage. The combination of being in the right space with the support and advice of the UCO Customized Education team puts your business into that great position.


The Catbird Seat is a member of the Oklahoma Business Incubator Association

Our Vision

For over a decade, UCO has been engaged in defining its role within the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area. By 2013 an enhanced physical presence developed for UCO within OKC itself, including the creation of the Academy of Contemporary Music and the CHK|Central Boathouse.

Afterwards, and in accordance with UCO’s strategic plan, Vision 2020, links between OKC and workforce development needs were explored in parallel with planning for an Innovation District by the Brookings Institution and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

The Downtown Advantage

One result of that planning is UCO Downtown, a flexible urban learning facility on the border of OKC’s Business District and the recently designated Innovation District. Programs anchored at UCO Downtown include a Masters in Public Administration, Masters in Business Administration, and a Professional Science Masters program that will also serve adult learners.

The next exciting step is the renovation of Santa Fe Plaza that will provide additional space for the growth of UCO Downtown, serve as home to Customized Education, and house The Catbird Seat small business incubator.

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