The Catbird Seat Incubator Program consists of a combination of business advising and training opportunities provided through University of Central Oklahoma Customized Education.

Our program uses the GrowthWheel Online platform for business advising sessions with incubator members, along with regular training seminars and workshops on a variety of topics.

GrowthWheel Curriculum

Upon membership acceptance, business owners will meet with a business advisor to complete a GrowthWheel 360° business assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, the advisor and member will develop a plan to achieve the organization’s goals.

Members will be granted access to GrowthWheel Online. This program will help members make decisions and take actions to grow a business using the available library of tools and resources. Certified business advisors on staff will walk the member through the GrowthWheel program and customize the process for each member based on the current and future goals of the business.

  • Business Concept
    • Business Idea
    • Product Portfolio
    • Revenue Model
    • Customer Portfolio
    • Market Position
  • Organization
    • Ownership & Board
    • Employees
    • Partnerships
    • Business Processes
    • Legal Issues

  • Customer Relations
    • Networking
    • Marketing
    • Sales & Service
    • Communication & PR
    • Branding
  • Operations
    • Financials
    • Funding
    • Production & Deliveries
    • IT Systems
    • Facilities

Educational Programming

UCO Customized Education will regularly plan, schedule, publicize, and conduct training workshops and seminars tailored to the needs of any member organization. These programs will be open to non-members if space is available. The programs will address a variety of topics including but not limited to business concept, business organization, customer relations, business operations, and personal development.

The programs will be offered in various rooms as assigned, including classrooms in both the Santa Fe Plaza and Carnegie Centre locations. Programs may be in a variety of formats including daytime and evening programs, distance learning, seminars, panel discussions, round-table discussions, peer sessions, and lectures on selected subjects.

Programs may include guest lecturers, live televised presentations from distance learning sources, or presentations led by UCO staff. Instructional materials will also be provided to attendees to facilitate the application of the training received to their particular business situation.

Program session length will vary depending on content, from 1-hour lunch & learn events to half or full-day workshops. Program times will be scheduled to accommodate attendee schedules with minimum disruption to ordinary business operations.